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Are Violent video games and movies the cause for school shootings and younge people homocides. I think maybe the games might give the kids an idea on what gun to use but school shootings 95% of the time are based on Bullying, feeling exiled from other classmates. Having no friends. And most important the parents not getting involved and helping and realizing that their student is going through these problems in school.

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Sibling Relationships !!

I have a brother that is older than me by 18 months, we are not in the same grade and after we got out of elementary school we started to not be friends as much as we were when we were younger. In the article they say that the older sibling is caring and understanding. I know from experience that this is not true. Me and my brother are still always there for eachother but i cant ever see us being best friends like some parents apparently think their kids are in the article that is written by Mimi Haruna.

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Vegan Life Style

I recently read an article written by Shelby Pickney about vegans. The title of the article is “Vegan”. The article talks all about what being a vegan is and what they eat compared to regular humans. My  girl friends parents, well mom and step dad both are vegans. Lets just say dinner at her house is interesting. I dont mind most of the food besides the TOFU. Just cant wrap my mind around eating that stuff. Besides that choosing to be a vegan is definatly the healthy way to go. They are both marathon runners and are in great shape for their age.

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Worst Prisons

This is a list of the top ten deadliest prisons. I belive that if you go to jail and end up in one of these prisons either you have some real bad luck or you down right deserve to go here. Some of these prisons hold the USA’s most feared terrorists and i am thankful that they are at these prisons. Reguardless of if they are getting beat on everyday. If murders or Child molesters are at these places then i dont feel much remorse for them because of the things that they have done. If someone gets sent to this prison for computer hacking fraud or something of that sort than i would feel some remorse but i think prisons are a great thing for the world to have because it seperates the Crazy nut jobs that do bad things from the citizens that want to be free and help others instead of hurt.

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McDonalds In San Francisco banned toy from Happy Meal.

Without the toy in the happy meal what makes it a happy meal. Companies should be able to advertise their products however they want. Mcdonalds has the calories posted they dont need to make a law saying that with a certain amount of calories in a meal than a toy cant be sold with it. Thats insanity. If anything the kids that buy the meal will burn more calories playing with the toys after they eat their 640 calorie meal which could be burned off with a bike ride.  If mcdonalds made toys that make kids more active somehow like giving them chalk to play hop scotch or something of that sort. instead of a movie character that is made of rubber and can stick to a wall. The company has to find a way to respond to this law. And San Francisco has to chill out. Author of Article this post was written on is “Ariel Schwartzwed”

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Military Age -21-?? Should it be.

I think that the military age shouldnt be 21 it should be 18. In China and Other countries there are kids 10 years old fighting in civil wars. In china they say they could have a billion man army. Do you think that they are all guna be over 21. I dont think so. Some probably younger than me. I think it is obscence that the drinking age is 21 when there are soldiers putting their life on the line everyday and cant even relax after and have a beer. The US needs to stop being so concerned with their citizens let what happens happen with the drinking age at 18 and stay out of it.

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The Sports Dilemma – NBA – Age Limits

So apparently the age limit for the NBA is 19 which i recently found out. That just doesnt seem right to me. When someone has a chance to do great at the time that they are given the opportunity they should be able to pounce on it. Some players that are good enough to be in the NBA but arent of age yet are probably living on some un safe streets where they could be shot or injured forever ruining their chances at getting to the NBA.  The sooner they can get there the better. 16 should be the age in my eyes.

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Iraq War

The iraq war is almost a 10 year war at this point and there hasn’t been much of a dramatic change in anything besides some government changes in the middle East. That isnt enough for our soldiers to be dying daily over some militia that cares nothing about anyone and will commit suicide with a bomb strapped to their chest walking up to a group of our troops asking for help. The presidency of George Bush is highlighted by his grande mistake to go into the war in the middle east.

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Hello world!

Welcome to This is your first post. Edit or delete it and start blogging!

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